The Impact of Tourism Industry in Siem Reap on the People Who Live in Angkor Park, December 2002

The ADI team would like to thank the staff of the Angkor Participatory Development Organization (APDO) for their generous help in facilitating the fieldwork phase of this research. Their contributions included making the logistical arrangements in Siem Reap, organizing the visits to the villages, and providing meeting space. The ADI would also like to thank H.E. Cheng Limsreang, Vice Governor of Siem Reap Province, and H.E. Seung Kung, Vice General Director of Apsara, for taking time to meet with a team of ADI researchers. Their observations were especially useful in terms of focusing attention on how to increase the share of tourism benefits for Cambodians who live in and around Angkor Park. The research analysis and recommendations, however, are the sole responsibility of the ADI staff and consultant who have prepared this report.




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