Civil Society Organisations Enabling Environment and Inclusive Partnership Cambodia

The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) with support from the European Union and Brot fur die Welt (Bread for the World) commissioned a study in 2018 to explore changes in the enabling environment in the country since previous national research in 2013 (as part of a global initiative of CIVICUS) and subnational research in 2015. The scope of the current study was also expanded to look at inclusive partnerships as a mechanism for advancement.

The study was initiated in 2018, when a consultancy was commissioned to develop a methodology to gather inputs for the study. A mixed methods approach was proposed, involving a sampled representative survey of civil society organisations (CSOs) from in a range of membership organisations (CCC, NGO-Forum, HACC and NEP) to gather quantitative information. This would be augmented by a range of qualitative methods such as key informant interviews (KIIs), focus group discussions (FGDs), case study development, and secondary sources review. Tools and guides were developed, adapting the Enabling Environment (for CSOs) National Assessment (EENA) tools. Those dimensions chosen for review were (a) Formation and operations; (b) Freedom of expression; (c) Peaceful assembly, and association; (d) Taxation; (e) Assess to resources; (f) Assess to information; (g) Relations between authorities and CSOs; to which was also added (h) Inclusive partnership.

About 400 CSOs were initially contacted as ‘the population’ for the survey in the hope of getting150 respondents. In the end only 67 CSOs responded to the questionnaire, this formed the sample, and responses obtained were entered, cleared and analysed. The surveyed data was later used in KIIs and FGDs to engage in discussions with engaged stakeholders. Based on the analysis and responses a draft report was prepared and submitted. Later a separate team was engaged in June 2019 to review, augment and finalize of the report.


CSO-EE-IP Report 2019-CCC-Final-Eng


CSO-EE-IP Report-CCC-Final-Khmer


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