Local Engagement Action for Emerging Issues, 2013

The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) is the longest established membership organization in Cambodia which has played a unique role since 1990 in strengthening the cooperation, governance, professionalism, accountability, and enabling environment of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). These areas of working, and long history has well received coordination and capacity development with members, and other CSO partners that are extremely positive and significant contributions to Cambodia’s development through support given to programming activities, organization, and model of working with community people. 

Under Governance Hub Program (GHP), the Capacity Development and Learning, a component II of GHP had carried out the Community Participatory Action Research (CPAR) training course which formerly known as Community Course provided by CCC since 2004. It has been re-designed to have better fit for community field officers working directly with local people to learnt and deal with their problems. This course aims to strengthen capacity in action research and analytical skills on emerging issues, and influence the thinking and practices of participants for the empowerment of local communities and in response to Cambodia’s rapidly changing society. 





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