Conducting a Small Research Study: Ten Steps to Analysis. 2nd Edition, 2006

Research is an endeavour that finds a place in the daily things that we do.  We seek information and process the data we get individually or with family/friends when we want to find answers to questions such as what might be a good school to pursue graduate studies, what properties or assets for investment would yield the most benefit, what restaurants to go to that serve good yet reasonably priced food, what health facilities our families or friends can visit in times of sickness or urgent medical attention, etc.

The practice of research in social development also entails posing questions and finding the information that will help us to understand certain phenomena or problems about which we can devise responses. In this context, research is a source of knowledge on issues about which a level of familiarity is required and serves as a basis for informed decisions, whether this may concern the conceptualisation of a new project or a review of a programme or project intervention.




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