Learning Forum II on Reflection of Community-Based Organizations’ Practices for Promoting Good Governance and Sustainability

Speaker By: KAO Peou Leakhna

Venue: Kep

Date: 12 Dec-13 Dec 2017

Time: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

On 12-13 December 2017 The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) co-organized with other 05 NGOs such as Children and Women Development Center in Cambodia (CWDCC), Khmer Community Development (KCD), Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT), Mlup Promviheathor Center (MPC), and Samaky Organization, the Learning Forum II on Reflection of CBOs’ Practices for Promoting Good Governance and Sustainability.

The Learning Forum II was attended by 40 participants from CBOs in Kandal province and  in coastal areas: Kampot, Kep, Kampong Som, and Koh Kong.

The event conducted at the Kep Bay Hotel, Kep Province. In general, the meeting has four objectives:

  1. To reflect how much CBOs’ practices align with the Guideline of Good Practice for CBOs to improve their CBOs and develop their community
  2. To provide opportunity for participants as leaders of CBOs to discuss for sustainability of their community
  3. To use feedback from participants to improve practices of CBOs
  4. To introduce the Guideline of Good Practice for CBOs Operating in Cambodia to participants  




Minute_Learning Forum II_Kep_Dec2017_V2


(Annex 4) Group Discussion on topic 2_reflect on the guideline and CBO practice


(Annex 2) Concept Note_CBO Learning Forum II_12-13 Nov 2017_F


(Annex 5) Group Discussion on topic 3_resource mapping


(Annex 1) Attendant list_Learning Forum II_12-131217


(Annex 3) CCC_the guideline of good practices of CBOs_K-PL


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