Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) is an integrated approach to acquiring, creating, capturing, distributing and utilization of important data, information and knowledge. These data and knowledge may include databases, documents, reports, policies, procedures and previously captured and un-captured expertise and experience in individual personnel and experts.

Knowledge management is the concept under which information is turned into actionable knowledge and made available effortlessly in a usable form to the people who need it and can apply it.

CCC has conducted a number of knowledge management approaches related to the NGO sector in Cambodia and interviews from NGOs, members, partners and provincial networks of CCC and government, donors and the private sector on topics that affect NGOs and some organizations that work in a number of practical sectors to details of NGO interactions to potential partners in their local networks. Organizations possess huge amounts of information, data, knowledge and expertise and this amount keeps mounting with each passing day. In the same light, organizations have need of various internal and external information and knowledge necessary to effectively perform their work. In order to use and gain this knowledge in the best possible way, there is the need for a system that can collect data, store it, share it and manage it effectively.

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