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The decentralization reform is about promoting local democratic development and the people demand centered responses. It needs the decentralization reform is about promoting local democratic development and the people demand centered responses. 2017

Civil Society Practitioners and Professionals Alumni (CPA)

Civil Society Practitioners and Professionals Alumni (CPA), it is a voluntary, informal, and apolitical platform for those work and used to work for any forms of civil society organization in Cambodia.

Latest News

  • ICT Learning Forum

    24-24 May 2019 Diakonia Center

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  • Newsletter for May 2019

    16-16 May 2019

    IN THIS ISSUE : JOINT EFFORT TO GIVE STRENGTH : The Second Partnership Forum between the Gov’t and CSOs, CIVIL SOCIETY DAY: Celebration to Mark 40th anniversary of Civil Society Work, BEYOND TAXATION: The Success in Setting up the Taxation Working Group Between GDT and CSOs, “POWER OF TOGETHERNESS NEVER ENDS”: Strengthening Civil Society Membership Platform

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  • Bi-monthly meeting 256th

    08-08 May 2019 Diakonia Center

    CCC is pleased to introduce and warmly welcome 10 new member organizations to our platform including 1) CIAI, 2) Flame, 3) Heart of Gold, 4) ISF, 5) KAFDOC, 6) KAWP, 7) KNKS, 8) RCEDO, 9) SPIR, 10) Skatiestan Cambodia.

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  • Human Resource Management Learning Forum

    25-25 Apr 2019 Diakonia Center

    The result from online survey of application of labor law amendment has been shared and put into active discussion during the 37th HR Learning Forum organized by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia on April 25, 2019 at Diakonia Center (ICF Building).

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What we do?

CCC provides 7 services for the program strategies, which will advance and develop number of existing and new systems and tools for promoting good governance, and professional practices within the civil society organizations in Cambodia.

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becoming a member of CCC, you will gain unlimited benefits and resources from a wide range of networking across different sectors, capacity development, exchange and sharing as community of good practices...

Event Calendar
06 Jun 2019, Local Fundraising Training (Introductory workshop for leaders)
13 Jun 2019, Mobilising Support Training
21 Jun 2019, Monitoring and Evaluation Learning Forum