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The decentralization reform is about promoting local democratic development and the people demand centered responses. It needs the decentralization reform is about promoting local democratic development and the people demand centered responses. 2017

Civil Society Practitioners and Professionals Alumni (CPA)

Civil Society Practitioners and Professionals Alumni (CPA), it is a voluntary, informal, and apolitical platform for those work and used to work for any forms of civil society organization in Cambodia.

Latest News

  • Basic Video Training

    06-07 Dec 2019 Phnom Penh

    Under supporting of USAID’s Development Innovations, Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) now offers a hands-on three-day Basic Video Training Course that covers understanding your audience, creating/identifying a message, interview skills, camera operation, and basic video editing.

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  • The Regional Law Talk for Civil Society Organizations

    06-06 Dec 2019 Empress Angkor Hotel

    The Siem Reap Regional Law Talk for Civil Society Organizations. There are at least five CSOs-Related Laws are being discussed including (1) Law on Association and Non-governmental Organization, (2) Law on Taxation Law (3) Labour Law (4) Social Security Fund Law and (5) the Trust Law. The Law Talk is organized by Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC).

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  • Bi-monthly meeting

    05-05 Dec 2019 Diakonia Center

    To welcome new members and sharing of member’s development approaches; ; To share results of civil society sustainability index in Cambodia; To share and discuss on the results of GHP‐midterm review and key suggestions/recommendation for program’s interventions for CCC members; AOB

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  • Voluntary working Group Annual Reflection Workshop

    03-03 Dec 2019 HIMAWARI Hotel

    To express thanksgiving and appreciation to the voluntary groups for their contributions to improve the quality services of CSOs in Cambodia; To reflect on the CCC and voluntary working groups performance; To explore possible opportunity/ strategic direction for CCC service and performance ; To increase networking among the voluntary working groups of CCC to promote the synergy and share the best practices

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CCC provides 7 services for the program strategies, which will advance and develop number of existing and new systems and tools for promoting good governance, and professional practices within the civil society organizations in Cambodia.

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becoming a member of CCC, you will gain unlimited benefits and resources from a wide range of networking across different sectors, capacity development, exchange and sharing as community of good practices...

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