What We Do

CCC provides 7 services for the program strategies: 

1) Governance Systems and Tools,  which will advance and develop number of existing and new systems and tools for promoting good governance, and professional practices within the civil society organizations in Cambodia.

2) Learning and Capacity Development, which provides and facilitate a range of learning and capacity development services focusing on institutional effectiveness and program quality within CSOs to be provided through different means (virtual and online) to different stakeholders, especially to CCC members, provincial NGOs and Community Based Organizations.

3) Research and Policy,  which facilitate and conduct numbers of researches related to CSOs enabling environment and challenges, and results of the studies will be used to inform advocacy and other decision making on policies and legal frameworks.

4) Multi-Stakeholder Engagement and Inclusive Partnerships, which focus on promoting effective development cooperation, an inclusive space must be available for all the stakeholders, ensuring leave no one behind, to take part in all development stages.

5) Campaigns and Advocacy, which focus on some campaigns on localization of SDGs and other related emerging issues affecting CSOs. The soft and professional advocacy approach, with evidence based manner, will be used and encouraged to influence policies and legal frameworks that affect CSOs.

6) CSO Resource Hub, focuses on mobilizing financial and non-financial resources within and outside Cambodia for supporting small and grassroots organizations,  provincial NGO Networks which can contribute to the enhanced effectiveness and impact of civil society organizations (CSOs) and to the improved enabling environment for CSOs.

7) ICT and Innovation, which enhances data, information and knowledge management, and number of ICT packages such as the CSOs database, research database, M&E App, video production, learning and knowledge management system, online advocacy platforms, and many others will be made available to CCC members and other stakeholders.

Event Calendar
24 Jun 2024, LFR Training course 2
11 Jul 2024, Awareness Workshop on International Financial Reporting Standard No.18 for Not-For-Profit Entities (IFRS 18 for NFPEs) and Accounting and Auditing Obligations for NFPEs