Executive committee

Ms. Geetha Yoga

( Vice-Chair/Treasurer )

Geetha currently works as  Chief Operating Officer at Hagar International. She has an extensive management experience and a background through HR, Governance and IT Management, Operations and Finance. Following a career, she successfully established HR functions, policies and procedures, implementation of policy frameworks and procedures, and provided strategic advice to CEO and executive management team and so on. She used to work for both NGO and private sectors.

Ms. Kristen Rasmussen

( Chair )

Mr. Lim Phai

( Member-at-large )


( Member-at-large )

Mr. Vorn Samphors

( Member-at-large )

Mr. Vorn Samphors, is a Country Director of Aide et Action, Cambodia. His areas of expertise including Finance/Accounting, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Program Development, Resource Mobilization/Fund Raising and Government/Public Relations.

He was awarded with Golden Medal Award for contribution work to the disability and rehabilitation sector in Cambodia, signed by by Royal Government of Cambodia in 2009, and Sereiwat Honored Award for contribute to development work by Royal Government of Cambodia in 2012.

Mr. Leng Vireak

( Member-at-large )

Mr. Hong Reaksmey

( Member-at-large )

Mr. Hong Reaksmey is a Country Director of ActionAid Cambodia.

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