Who we are?


The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) is a leading membership organization with nearly 200 Local and International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Cambodia. CCC has been playing a unique role since 1990 as an enabling agent to facilitate Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to collectively, responsibly and accountably work together for good governance, enabling environment and sustainability of CSOs in Cambodia.

  • Vision: Sustainable and democratic development for Cambodia.
  • Mission: As a membership based organization, CCC works in inclusive partnerships for good governance, enabling environment and sustainability of civil society organizations in Cambodia.
  • Goal: A strong and capable civil society, cooperating and responsive to Cambodia’s development challenges.
  • Values: Integrity, Responsiveness, Quality, Cooperation and Inclusiveness

A Message from Mrs. SIN Putheary, Executive Director

Welcome to CCC website!

Our site will navigate you to accountable, transparent, and up to date information about CCC program, members, and civil society organizations in Cambodia, key emerging issues and development challenges related to CSOs. The site presents key interventions of CCC’s Governance Hub Program (GHP) which is entering into its fourth phase 2021-2023 such as Governance Systems and Tools, Learning and Capacity Development, CSO Resource Hub, Research, Multi-Stakeholder Engagement and Inclusive Partnership, Campaigns and Advocacies, ICT and Innovation.

I believe that the information in our website are useful for you to inform your decision in addressing development challenges toward true development effectiveness and sustainable growth for Cambodians.

CCC is pleased to continue working with you and receiving your support. CCC also welcomes any feedback you may have about us, please click here...

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