Member Benefits

Becoming a member of CCC, you will gain unlimited benefits and resources from a wide range of networking across different sectors, capacity development, exchange and sharing as community of good practices, financial opportunity and hub of information sharing, and many other CCC resources and from an active and vibrant network of more than 170 international and local NGOs from more than 20 countries around the glob.


Every year, CCC have at least five bi-monthly member meetings, Annual General Meeting for discussion and addressing emerging issues and policies that impacts our members. Series of capacity development also provided which at least 8 different learning forums, and many other training courses including program and organizational development, and ICT. Many opportunities including funding, exchange program, and other free services including consultation, mail box, information outreach, and access to publication, etc. had been served for our members. Please see more detailed in benefits grid for members





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Event Calendar
24 Jun 2024, LFR Training course 2
11 Jul 2024, Awareness Workshop on International Financial Reporting Standard No.18 for Not-For-Profit Entities (IFRS 18 for NFPEs) and Accounting and Auditing Obligations for NFPEs