Needs Assessment on Capacity Development and Learning, 2012

This is the Report of the Organizational Capacity Development and Learning Needs Assessment of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Cambodia, commissioned by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC). The assessment was conducted between 17 September to 10 November 2012. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used to assess the capacity and learning needs of civil society organizations. Two hundred and forty seven CSOs participated in the online survey and twenty nine senior CSO staff attended the focus group discussions and four CSO experts involved in semi-structure interviews. The assessment is based on perception of CSO officers about the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations. Since our findings are largely a collation and analysis of perceptions, the data is subjective rather than an objective measure of organizational capacity development.

The survey indicates that the capacity development of the surveyed CSOs in Cambodia was fairly good. The findings from undertaking an assessment of specific components of CSO capacity development (governance, project/program delivery human resources, finance and adaptation) are all fairly equal. Despite fairly positive findings from the survey completed on behalf of 247 CSOs, the feedback from respondents in the face-to-face consultation processes made it is clear that many CSO staff are very concerned about the degree of capacity development in their organizations in key areas. We have presented the components in order of our findings from strongest to weakest.





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