E-Filing System for Civil Society Organizations

Speaker By:

Venue: Diakonia Center

Date: 16 Feb-16 Feb 2021

Time: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM

Cooperation Committee for Cambodia is very delighted to host the Workshop on Taxation Law : "E-Filing System for Civil Society Organization" today at Diakonia Center and through an online platform (google meet).
The workshop focused on promoting awareness and understanding of the e-filing system for Associations/NGOs and providing space for CSOs and GDT to raise issues and express their relevant concerns for better mutual understanding and partnership.
This event welcomed 85 (Physically) and 112 (Online) representatives from General Department of Taxation and from more than 100 Associations/NGOs in Cambodia. From this intervention, we believe that this workshop allows CSOs to be more aware of taxation law and its implications.



E-Filing Workshop_Final




Minutes_Finance Learning Forum_E-Filing_16Feb2021_Final


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