NGO Contributions to Cambodia's Development, 2004-2009

This study highlights the both the variety and strength of the NGO sector’s contribution to development, and aims to support the case that NGOs are responsive to emerging needs and issues and are innovative. It highlights NGO efforts to develop effective partnerships with the RGC, and the extent to which they take ownership of issues related to transparency and accountability. The report also outlines the role of NGOs as part of the wider emerging civil society, and its significant advocacy role on a rage of issues.

Conflicting views in Cambodia on the role and contributions of NGOs to develoment feed into misunderstanding about NGOs as part of civil society and acts as a barrier to dialogue and cooperation for development. However, the urgency for this report precludes there being time for robust, evidence based research. This study is therefore a rapid review of NGO activity in Cambodia. Both local NGOs and internationl NGOs are profiled in the study. In conducting the study, program reports, including case studies and some international reports and evaluations were reviewed. In-person interviews were also held as part of an effort to generate a record of ‘success stories’ of NGO programming.

The report is structured around a range of issues that relate directly to the work of NGOs in Cambodia. These include:

  • Positive contributions of NGO programming to Cambodia’s development
  • Capacity to provide space for civil society to communicate with the State
  • Strengthening civil society coordination in advocating for the right to participate in the national development process
  • Production of research that aims to influence policy making and national planning




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