Review of NGO Sector, 2010

The study is part of a component of the EAGER (Enhancing Awareness on Governance and Effective Regulations for Civil Society) of CCC that is looking at fostering an enabling environment for the NGO sector. The assessment looks at the strengths, gaps and challenges of the NGO sector in performing these roles looking at two dimensions. The external dimension looks at the legal, political and advocacy environment within which the sector operates and the internal dimension looks at the sector’s institutional capacity to perform these roles. Specifically, the assessment looks at the following objectives:

  1. Identify the current strengths of the NGO sector and the lessons learnt in relation to two priority dimensions: legislative, political and advocacy environment within which the sector
    operates and organizational/institutional capacity of the sector in performing its role/s.
  2. Identify institutional capacity gaps and challenges faced by NGOs including current efforts of the sector to address these
  3. Formulate recommendations on how best can NGOs themselves, their partners and constituencies and other stakeholders can best address identified gaps and challenges

It is expected that the findings of the assessment will serve as basis for improving the context and environment within which NGOs conduct their activities; and will contribute to strengthening the sector through building on strengths and planning further initiatives to address the gaps and challenges identified.




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