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Operational Plan 2022

We would like to introduce its Operational Plan 2022 based on Governance Hub Program (GHP) 2021-2023 and our strategy plan Vision 2030. This Operational Plan 2022 highlights the key interventions and detail activities aiming at addressing issues related to the

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Practical Guideline on M&E for NGOs in Cambodia

Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), last updated December 2020. Any part of the guideline may be cited, copied, translated into other language or adapted to meet local need without prior permission form the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), provided the source is clearly stated.

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Governance Hub Program (GHP) PHASE 3 ( 2017 - 2021 )

We are pleased to introduce the Phase 3 of CCC‘s Governance Hub Program (GHP) for the five year period 2017-2021. The GHP Phase 3 has been formally endorsed by CCC‘s Executive Committee. This follows wider consultations with CCC donors/funding partners, members, Executive Committee (EXCOM),...

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2017 CSOSI for Cambodia

Democratic space in Cambodia continued to erode in 2017 after the government led by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) dissolved the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), the only prominent opposition party in the country, for allegedly being part of a so-called...

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The 2017 CSO Sustainability Index for Asia evaluates the strength and viability of the CSO sectors in nine countries in South and Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

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ICT in Social Media Practical Guideline Version 2018

ICT in Social Media guideline is being designed by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) which supported by ICT advisory and working group works. They are working closely with freelance consultant team to make sure that this guideline is really imply to the need users, especially the members of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia.

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The Summary of CCC’s intervention on CBOs

The Summary of Cooperation Committee for Cambodia’s intervention on Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

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Annual Report 2022

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the annual report of CCC. These reports will highlight the achievements and lesson learnt in 2022. The enabling environment for CSOs, and capacity building, and promoting good governance are the key of the program.

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Policy Tracker on Sustainable Finance Policy and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in Cambodia 2023

The author would like to express profound gratitude to Fair Finance Cambodia (FFC), OiC, and CCC teams in Cambodia for their kind and effective support, guidance, participation,...

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Policy Brief: Asia Development Bank’s (ADB) Financing COVID-19 Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery 2023

ADB’s Financing of COVID-19 Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery: The Case Study of the Road Network Improvement Project (Road #23/312)

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Asia Development Bank’s (ADB) Financing COVID-19 Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery 2023

The author would like to express profound gratitude to Fair Finance Cambodia (FFC), Oxfam, and CCC teams in Cambodia for their kind and effective support, guidance, participation, and sharing of information during the process of this study. Thank you to Mrs. Luy Theary,...

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Member Satisfaction Survey 2023

This survey was conducted by CCC as an annual basis in order to monitor and evaluate the services and interventions of CCC. This result was reflected for last year services and intervention 2022,..

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I am delighted to introduce the Annual Report of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) in 2021. The year 2021 began with the backsliding on democratic freedom, the impact of COVID-19, and the internal changes of the leadership and management team within the organization. However, CCC has still played a key role in building a stronger civil society, particularly in bridging the gaps between CBOs, CSOs, the government, development partners, and the private sector.

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Annual Report 2020

It is my great pleasure to introduce the annual report highlighting achievements of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia during 2020, a year of unprecedent challenge for humanity. 2020 began with COVID-19 causing minor concern across the world as a virus that was likely to remain isolated to southern China, as SARS had done in the past. How quickly we were proven wrong, as countries around the world started closing borders by March.

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Impacts of COVID-19 on CSOs in Cambodia

CCC conducted this survey during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, and impost more restrictions, i.e. lockdown on certain areas. The study aims to learn about the impacts of COVID-19 on CSOs, and their response to the challenges,...

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Holistic Institutional Development for NGOs

This report assessed capacity development needs of civil society organizations in Cambodia. In the broader sense, the term of institutional development (ID) is defined as the ‘abilities, skills, understandings, attitudes, values, relationships, behaviors,...

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Civil Society Organisations Enabling Environment and Inclusive Partnership Cambodia

The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) with support from the European Union and Brot fur die Welt (Bread for the World) commissioned a study in 2018 to explore changes in the enabling environment in the country since previous national research in...

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CSO Road Map 2020 - 2025 for Cambodia Study

The CSO Road Map Study (2020-2025) is being commissioned by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) with the generous funding support from the European Union Delegation in Cambodia, Bread for the World and Oxfam in Cambodia...

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This report was prepared for the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) by Dr. Min Sor, Mr. Khet Long, and Mrs. Sokunthea Yem. This report is financed by Oxfam. Oxfam and CCC do not necessarily share the opinions put forward in this report. The authors bear the sole responsibility for the content.

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How the people of Cambodia live with climate change and what media and communication can do

This report presents findings from across Cambodia. It seeks to build a picture of how people live and deal with change, in order to understand their communication needs and help them respond to changes and variations in weather...

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Member Satisfaction Survey 2018

Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), through Communications and Member Development (CMD) team who are working closely with CCC members would express our sincere thanks to CCC members especially organization’s Senior Managers such as Executive Director, Country Director, and key senior representatives for spending their valuable time to complete the survey.

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Indigenous Response to Depletion in Natural Resources: A Study of Two Stieng Villages in Snoul District, Kratie Province, September 2004

This ADI research seeks to trace the depletion of natural resources in two indigenous Stieng villages in Snoul District of Kratie province and to document the responses that have emerged as a result.

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Understanding Drug Use as a Social Issue: A View from Three Villages on the Outskirts of Battambang Town, April 2004

This study conducted by the Analyzing Development Issues (ADI) project team and Round 13 trainees seeks to understand the social implications of drug use in three villages just outside of Battambang town...

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Impact of the Garment Industry on Rural Livelihoods: Lessons from Prey Veng Garment Workers and Rural Households, October 2005

The Womyn’s Agenda for Change (WAC) team and their counterpart organizers in the drop-in centers facilitated fieldwork in Phnom Penh. Similarly, Partnership for Development in Kampuchea (PADEK) led by Boua Chanthou,

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