CSO Road Map 2020 - 2025 for Cambodia Study

The CSO Road Map Study (2020-2025) is being commissioned by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) with the generous funding support from the European Union Delegation in Cambodia, Bread for the World and Oxfam in Cambodia. This study was, by design, developed to be a consultative process among CSO communities and concerned stakeholders aiming at collectively gathering relevant elements needed for the elaboration of a kind CSO Road Map for the next 5 years. The exercise also reviewed and analyzed key development trends/challenges affecting CSO sector a whole while attempting to come up with broad strategies/roadmaps for Cambodia CSO/NGO sector to reflect and build on.

Though many of the findings are not completely new to us all, nonetheless, they are the basis for us to further reflect and perhaps find common grounds to build cross cutting strategies to continue our journey as third development actor in Cambodia and participate meaningfully to the development of Cambodia in a more strategic, coherent and structured way.


CSO Road Map 2020-2025 Cambodia Study


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