Policy Briefs

For better inform to programing and policy makers, key potential researches to development of Cambodia i.e. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Enabling Environment for Civil Society, De-concentration and Decentralization, Business and Human Rights, and so on are compiled and developed into the Policy Briefs. Therefore, you can quick access to short articles, and summary the key finding and recommendations. These are considered significantly useful ingredient and evident to sharpen for decision making process and aiming at improving and assuring of CSO enabling environment, democratic and development efforts effectiveness in Cambodia.

In addition, you could also learn from the consolidations of inputs and recommendations from CSOs meetings, and other consultative groups for policy development, i.e. National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP), SDGs, Legal Procedures and Regulations, Technical Working Groups (TWGs), and so on.

Event Calendar
02 Jun 2022, ICT Learning Forum - Security Communication Tools
28 Jun 2022, CBO business plan training
30 Jun 2022, CBO reflection workshop
04 Aug 2022, HR Learning Forum
02 Sep 2022, M&E Learning Forum
30 Sep 2022, Finance Learning Forum
14 Oct 2022, ICT Learning Forum