Civil Society Academic (CSA)

The vision of the CSA is a vibrant and diverse civil society based on active citizenship, leads the way towards a world that is just, inclusive and free of hunger and poverty. The focus on hunger and poverty have been chosen because the CSA idea was initiated by the Welt Hunger Hilfe (WHH) South Asia Hub and still closely related and also financed by WHH. The CSA works according to the following principles: it has a visionary agenda, works with a likeminded community, is unique and creative, process oriented, offers top standards, effective and affordable.

The CSA offers the following products: (i) training courses on different levels (from comprehensive, to tailor made and focused, up to online courses) on the topics leadership, effective programming and advocacy. (ii) a knowledge management platform, (iii) networking activities and (iv) advisory service. The clients of the CSA are all Civil Society Organizations on all levels (international, regional, national). The CSA believes that they can offer a more professional service those other training institutes, having excellent competences to develop top standard trainings in their core competences. For more information please contact Ms. Roeung Raingsey, Capacity Development Officer through e-mail: and Phone: +855 (0)77 739 911.

Event Calendar
24 Jun 2024, LFR Training course 2
11 Jul 2024, Awareness Workshop on International Financial Reporting Standard No.18 for Not-For-Profit Entities (IFRS 18 for NFPEs) and Accounting and Auditing Obligations for NFPEs