Independent Voluntary Certification System

What is GPP?

  • GPP stands for Governance & Professional Practices
  • GPP is an independent voluntary-based certificate system, which is hosted by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC). GPP is a symbol of trust in strengthening good governance, professionalism, accountability and transparency within NGOs operating in Cambodia.

What we do

  1. Help NGOs in Cambodia turning their organizational policies into action and meet the GPP Standards.
  2. Support NGOs who want to become the role model in good governance and professional practices.
  3. Serve and guide certified NGOs to maintain their adherence to the standards.

The fifth version (revised in 2020) of the GPP Standards is divided into three principles as follows:

  • Good Governance
  • Good Resource Management
  • Dynamic Program Practices

All three principles mentioned above are the award. Individual applicant NGO can decide to apply one time one award, two awards, or all three awards.

NGO Code Compliance Committee (NCCC):

NGO Code Compliance Committee is a supreme committee who has a full power to make a decision on GPP applicant NGOs. Individual NCCC member has very long and great experience with local and international NGOs especially they have a various expertise on good governance, good resource management, and dynamic program practices.

Process of GPP Award/Certificat


GPP and Applicant’s NGOs Commitment



For further GPP Standard in English please click here.

For the required documents of each award, please click below:

1- The Required Documents for Good Governance and Professional Practices

2- The Required Documents Good Resource Management Award

3- The Required Documents Dynamic Program Practices Award

Event Calendar
24 Jun 2024, LFR Training course 2
11 Jul 2024, Awareness Workshop on International Financial Reporting Standard No.18 for Not-For-Profit Entities (IFRS 18 for NFPEs) and Accounting and Auditing Obligations for NFPEs