Independent Voluntary Certification System

What we do

1. Help NGOs in Cambodia turning their organizational oplicies into action and meet the GPP Standards.
2. Support NGOs who want to become the role model in good governance and professional practices.
3. Serve and guide certified NGOs to maintain their adherence to the standards.

Who we are

GPP is an independent voluntary-based certification system, which is hosted by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC). GPP is a symbol of trust in strengthening good governance, professionalism, accountability and transparency within NGOs operating in Cambodia.


Working Group is the independent committee involved in the screening of applicantions, assessing compliance, advising the NGO GPP Certification staff.


National Code Compliant Committee is the independent committee to who makes final decision on GPP Application either to recommend fulfillment or approve certification.


Event Calendar
24 Jun 2021, CCC Members’ 31th Annual General Meeting (AGM)
28 Jun 2021, Second Local Fundraising training