Civil Society Fund/Financial Sustainability

The problem of inadequate funding/resources is felt mostly by smaller, local and province-based NGOs and CBOs. They generally have weak capacity in identifying and securing available funding, do not understand the changing of donors landscape, have weak English language communication skills, and have weak skills in developing viable concept notes/funding proposals. Their ability to overcome these challenges is hampered by the lack of or limited training and consultancy services.

Thus, there is a need for civil society in Cambodia to improve their capacity towards financial sustainability. The CCC Governance Hub Program (GHP) will revisit and conduct mapping on the existing and potential sources for funding. The resource mapping database will be regularly updated and made available online to serve the interest of CSOs. A feasibility study will be conducted to assess the viability and possible composition of a Trust Fund for CSOs. GHP will manage the Trust Fund and provide small grants to provincial NGO networks, small and grassroots organizations to support their contribution to the enhanced effectiveness and impact of CSOs and to the improved enabling environment for CSOs.

Event Calendar
21 Jun 2023, ICT Learning forum
26 Jun 2023, HID Project Management Training