Survey of Salary, June 2009

The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) is pleased to present the results of the survey of salary and benefits for National staff of International and Cambodian NGOs. This is the fourteenth survey report produced since CCC first began compiling salary information in 1993.

Since the last report was published in 2007, we have spent a considerable amount of time talking with our member organisations to understand what they require from a salary survey and how we can best address this. Based on this feedback, you will note that the format of the report has changed considerably. We believe that the new format will make this report more valuable as a source of information and a tool for NGOs to understand what is happening in the marketplace.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organisations who have participated in this survey for their openness in sharing such detailed information. Further, we would also like to thank member organisations who have provided feedback over the years to continue to improve the salary survey.

More specifically, we would like to thank the Human Resources teams from CRS, Pact Cambodia, VBNK and Hagar for their input into the survey design and process. We hope you will find this survey report and information useful for your organization. We welcome suggestions for future improvements of the survey, to meet your information needs.




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