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With support both financial and technical from Development Innovations, CCC will independently provide excellence services and effectiveness video and storytelling production to its members and CSOs community in describing progress implementation of program activities and then present to funding donors, partners, stakeholders, and counterparts in effective way. The video services including video training, video coaching, production equipment rental, and video production:

Video training: CCC focuses on key terms of video production, process of making video, script writing, editing, shooting, Camera operation, interviewing and creative concept. This training divides into three phases. In the first day, CCC provides indoor training. Second day, participants are assigned to do field shooting with real practicality. The last day, all participants need to sit in the lap and edit their video. Finally, each trainee will be able to produce one video.

Video coaching: After training, participants could get one time for free on video consultation. Video coaching will provide consultation on video concept, objective, guideline on video making.

Equipment rental: CCC opens for CSOs, private sector, and individuals. Our equipment rental includes camera, mic, tryport and computer for editing.

Video production is one of our services which include accepting project to produce video documentaries, video report and promotional video. CCC plan to start up this service but CCC will need at least two more years to run this service.

For more information please go to link (brochure and schedule for training and services and fee) or contact Mr. Chhouk Phal Puthiridh, Communications Specialist, H/P: 017 809 860 e-mail: or Ms. Sin Putheary through e-mail: and Mobile Phone: +855 (0)12 769 836.

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