Global Standard for CSO Accountability

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The Global Standards for CSO Accountability is a result from the joint initiative of global project partners in wider consultations with civil society organizations around the world. It is reference standard and does not replace but aims to complement other accountability standards. Civil society actors can use it to improve their practices. It also provides a common frame for the entire civil society sector regardless of geographical/ideological reach and defines good CSO accountability practice on a global level. Furthermore, it is value-based and uses easy/direct language for people to be able to understand our work. Moreover, it sees a strong emphasis on feedback from beneficiaries and others to build trust, enable people to hold us to account, mobilize support for civil society and improve our performance. And it can be used in advocacy to demonstrate accountability/legitimacy, strengthen civil society's voice and contribute to a more enabling environment for CSOs. Its overarching aim is to strengthen CSO effectiveness.


2017_The Global Standard Guidance Materials


2017_The Global Standard

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