Feasibility Study on Civil Society Fund (CSF)


Our research team appreciates all the inputs, knowledge and ideas of many people who have been engaged in this assignment, whose involvement has made this research and the analysis in the following pages possible.

First of all, we convey our thank you to the leadership of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) including Saroeun Soeung, CCC Director, Sotheary El, Head of Program,
Sochoeun Chen, Research and Membership Development Manager, Bunthong Khorn, Head of Operations, and other CCC staff members for their guidance, supports and comments on the project design and during the implementation.

Secondly, our gratitude goes to all CCC‘s Research Advisory Board (RAB) members who were very instrumental in improving our design and provided useful comments on the preliminary findings. Their inputs were taken very seriously and incorporated wherever possible in the final report as it is now.

Last, but not least, we could not be able to arrive at the current level of analysis and quality report without all of our informants from different organizations and institutions who are donor agencies, (international) non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or civil society organizations (CSOs), who works on and with NGOs/CSOs, and who give funding to NGOs/CSOs, and care about civil society in Cambodia and its important role in development in the country. Their experience, views, knowledge, ideas, and factual information about their operation, funding, and challenges are the source of information we use as the foundation of our analysis. Though we can‘t list here their names and institutional affiliations of the informants, their views, experiences, and information they share are put to good use for this report.

Once again, contribution of all the people we list in this report, and those who are not listed, is critical for our research, and we could not express enough of our appreciation for their
involvement. However, any deficiency in the final report remains ours, and ours alone.


CSF report, 2017-Final Printing


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