Do No Harm and Conflict Sensitive 

Do No Harm(DNH) is a predictable approach for application of conflict sensitivity in aid policy through better understanding how aid interacts with conflict dynamics, aiming at supporting the project to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive impacts.

Do No Harm Cambodia (DNHC) is a working group formed in 2014 by trainers and NGOs supported by Bread for the World who are concerned about the impacts of NGO work on local conflict. Between 2014 and mid‐2017, 15 NGOs were introduced to the "Do No Harm" (DNH) methodology, and 8 NGOs began to apply the full process of DNH assessment in their own
organizations. DNHC is formally hosted by the CCC.

DNH fits well with CCC as it is one of the key working approaches of CCC’s Governance Hub Program (GHP) 2017‐2021. CCC will continue introducing DNH approach to
its members and Bread for the World partners.
In this new phase, September 2017 to August 2020, with the assistance of CCC as the host organization, DNHC plans to spread knowledge of DNH more broadly within the NGO

Goal: CSOs in Cambodia deliver their programs with conflict sensitivity so as to do no harm in the community.

ObjectiveBy 2020, NGOs in Cambodia make changes to their project plans, implementation and monitoring according to the DNH framework.


Do No Harm acitivities in Cambodia




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