Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) is  a theory and practice of planned, systematic change in the attitudes, beliefs, and values of the employees through creation and reinforcement of long-term training programs. OD is action oriented. It starts with a careful organization-wide analysis of the current situation and of the future requirements, and employs techniques of behavioral sciences such as behavior modeling, sensitivity training, and transactional analysis. Its objective is to enable the organization in adopting-better to the fast-changing external environment of new markets, regulations, and technologies.

Organisations are just a tool to structure a variety of ideas, thoughts, actions, to get the best out of the people working in organisations and to guide them towards the direction they (or the management) have chosen.

Organisational development therefore is about people and structures. When it comes to civil society organisations (CSO’s) and their networks, the organisation is a way to advocate and to deliver services, thus contributing to a better life for women, children and man with limited access to health, education, work, safe food, a clean environment and other issues.

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21 Jun 2023, ICT Learning forum
26 Jun 2023, HID Project Management Training