Consultancy Service for the Endline Evaluation

The Governance Hub Program (Phase IV) and the Project on Strengthening Civil Society for Democratic and Sustainable Development in Cambodia (Phase II)

The CCC Governance Hub Program phase IV (2021-2023) and EU project will end by December 2023, this study aims:

- To evaluate the current GHP program and EU project’s achievements and challenges, and to provide information and recommendations that is credible and useful for future decision-making processes for the new phase of the Governance Hub Program and the new project proposal.
- To identify significant success, areas of improvement, and lessons learnt and propose sustainability actions that shall be carried out after the project comes to an end.
- To provide to endline evaluation report for all of the indicators as stated in the logical frameworks of the program/project.




2023-JA Consultancy Service for Endline_Evaluation

Event Calendar
28 Mar 2023, Consultative Workshop on CSOs’ Inputs into the National Strategic Development (NSDP) 2024-2028
28 Apr 2023, M&E Learning Forum