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Operational Plan 2016

2016 is the third year of implementation of the Governance Hub Program of the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC, GHP 2014-2018).

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2014 CSO Sustainability Index for Cambodia

The Index is a useful source of information for local CSOs, governments, donors, academics, and others who want to better understand and monitor key aspects of sustainability in the CSO sector.

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Survey of Salary and Benefits, 2014

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Resource Mobilization Directory, 2013

This directory aims to provide non-profits organizations with valuable information about the availability of funding for NGOs and CBOs in Cambodia.

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Assessment of the Enabling Environment for Civil Society

This report assesses the current health of Cambodia’s legal, regulatory, and policy environment as it impacts the formation and...

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CSO Contributions to the Development of Cambodia, 2012

The research has attempted to measure the performance of civil society on such dimensions as the size of its effort, the support it receives...

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Agency Contact Listing, 2011

It includes information about 764 agencies operating in Cambodia including International NGOs, Local NGOs, and donors...

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Enabling Environment For Civil Society

The Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) in collaboration with the Kratie NGOs Network (KNN) owed much thanks and…

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Second Monitoring Round of Busan Commitments in Cambodia

As you know the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) is undertaking Second Monitoring Round of Busan Commitments in preparation...

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Social Media Handbook (English-Khmer)

The purpose of this handbook is to help civil society in Cambodia better use social media to communicate important information.

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Understanding Drug Use as a Social Issue: A View from Three Villages on the Outskirts of Battambang Town, April 2004

This study conducted by the Analyzing Development Issues (ADI) project team and Round 13 trainees seeks to understand the social implications of drug use in three villages just outside of Battambang town...

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Experiences of Commune Councils in Promoting Participatory Local Governance: Case Studies from Five Communes, March 2004

This Analyzing Development Issues (ADI) study examines the experiences of Commune Councils in promoting participatory local governance...

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Labor Migration to Thailand and the Thai-Cambodian Border: Recent Trends in Four Villages of Battambang Province, December 2003

This ADI study assesses recent trends in labor migration to Thailand and the ThaiCambodian border from four villages of Battambang province...

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The Impact of Tourism Industry in Siem Reap on the People Who Live in Angkor Park, December 2002

The CCC Analyzing Development Issues Project (ADI) 1 recently undertook a brief study of the impact of tourism in Siem Reap...

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Small-Scale Land Distribution in Cambodia: Lessons from Three Case Studies, November 2001

The ADI Team and participants would like to express our thanks to Dr. Rebecca (Pem) Catalla (Ph.D.) who facilitated the research process for us...

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