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Recently-passed, draft laws discussed among CSOs


Phnom Penh (July 09, 2014) – Around 200 representatives from NGOs, Associations, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), NGO Provincial Networks, and Informal Groups met in a full-day dialogue to discuss and share their concerns, analysis, and advocacy plans on draft laws and passed laws ...




Civil Society Organizations Urge the Government to End Corruption


Phnom Penh (June 10, 2014) – The Civil society organizations (CSOs) of Cambodia have encouraged the government to implement their fight against corruption more quickly and efficiently.




CSOs, experts discuss potential impacts of three newly-adopted laws on judiciary


Phnom Penh (June 03, 2014) – More than 100 senior representatives from NGOs and law experts meet at the member bi-monthly meeting to discuss the potential impacts of three newly-adopted laws on judiciary in Cambodia.




Civil society discuss, share updates of first quarter of 2014


Phnom Penh (April 01, 2014) – Senior representatives of NGOs working in Cambodia discussed and shared progress of first quarter of 2014 in a bi-monthly meeting at the Korean Society for Service in Asia (KSSA).




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