Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), a certified local organization by NGO GPP, is a longest and largest membership based organization representing around 160 local and international organizations working across sectors in Cambodia.

CCC is a Regional Coordinator for Beyond 2015 in Asia, a national hub for Global Call for Actions Against Poverty (GCAP), the Co-Conveners of Asia Development Alliance (ADA), and the Chair of steering committee of Working Group for Partnerships in Decentralization (WGPD). It is also a member of National Working Group on Social Accountability and a member of Harmonization and Partnership Technical Working Group.





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Senior Representatives of CSOs Meet to Promote Effective NGO Governance and Good Internal Relationships


Phnom Penh (October 16-17, 2014) – Around 70 senior representatives who are board members and management staff from local and international NGOs working in Cambodia today met and discussed at a two-day workshop ...




Youth NGOs Discuss Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Role of Youths


Phnom Penh (October 13, 2014) – Around 70 youth representatives from different countries in Asia meet and discuss today on the topic of “Look Forward: Post-2015 Development Agenda and Role of Youths” ...




International Delegation Tours Cambodia to Promote Civic Space


Phnom Penh (October 07, 2014) – International delegates from seven global civil society networks have arrived in Cambodia to meet with local non-profit organizations, international development partners and the government ...




500 Days Countdown
First Campaign of Global Movementon Action/2015: JOIN US on CCC’s Facebook Page


Phnom Penh (August 5, 2014) – "iMove: Against Corruption for Poverty Reduction" is the main theme launched at member bi-monthly meeting of ...



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