Member Directory 2015

The Directory of Membership 2015 contains organizational history of 138 local and international nongovernment organizations registered and active in Cambodia. This first year’s edition also includes the new revision of the Standards of Good Governance & Professional Practices for NGOs in Cambodia as well as the Local Association and Local Non-Government Organizations registration forms for the Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The NGOs presented in this directory are involved in a wide range of activities in a variety of different fields and sectors. Some are newly formed and relatively small, and represent a growing and important sector of Cambodian civil society. Many are among the most active and influential local and international organizations in Cambodia working for many years in areas such as:

  • Democracy and Human Rights, focusing on policy, training, networking, and advocacy work
  • Community development including agriculture, health, education, HIV/AIDS, income-generation and
    other rural and urban development activities
  • Community based organizations and associations participating and directly managing their own
    development processes.

CCC’s objectives include providing information services about the NGO sector in Cambodia as well as supporting the development of the NGO sector in a changing environment. We hope this directory contributes to a better understanding of the work of local NGOs in Cambodia and that this in turn leads to stronger partnerships among the development community in Cambodia. We would like to acknowledge the Member Service Unit Team for their work in producing this directory. Finally, this directory is dedicated to all the Cambodian and Expatriat staffs of CCC members are local NGOs and International NGOs, who are working together to build a better Cambodia for all.




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