Funding Agency and Partnership Directory

This directory aims to provide organisations with access to information about the availability of funds to support NGOs and NGO projects in Cambodia. It has been developed to assist NGOs in Cambodia in their search for appropriate funding and partner options. Improving access to information for the NGO community in Cambodia is an important objective of CCC.

We hope that this publication can also assist funding agencies and NGOs in building new, or strengthening existing, relationships in support of their common development goals.

We would like to thank DanChurchAid Cambodia, and in particular Mr. Jonas Nöddekær, for providing the necessary financial support for this project. Our warm thanks also to the CCC Members for their interest in this publication.

We would like to extend our appreciation to all the funding and partnership agencies that provided us with information on their funding schemes for this directory. We also appreciate the information provided by many local NGOs that responded to our survey for initial donor contact details.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of the following persons at CCC who have made this publication possible: Mr. In Samrithy, NGO Liaison Coordinator; Ms. Angelique Smit, Consultant; Mr. Joji Mori, AYAD Information Technology Volunteer; Mr. Sam Sophal, Communications and Information Officer; Ms. Toy Monireth, Office/Database Entry Clerk and Ms. Soueng Satya, Administrative Assistant.




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