CSO Contributions to the Development of Cambodia, 2012

The research has attempted to measure the performance of civil society on such dimensions as the size of its effort, the support it receives, the sheer numbers of those it seeks to benefit and empower and of those it employs. Our survey also has questioned CSO accountability both to donors and beneficiaries. Vanguarding good governance in Cambodia stigmatizes CCC as a trouble seeker for those shying away from such issues but for those who believe in the importance and necessity of these core values, we are seen as a provider of unique solutions to a sector which is now constantly under scrutiny. CCC believes widespread appreciation of the scale and scope of CSO activity on behalf of the poorest and most vulnerable of the people is critical to the future of civil society in Cambodia. As the international aid focus shifts, it is more important than ever that challenges to the credibility of the sector be answered fairly and accurately: with facts, not isolated and negative anecdotes.

With this in mind, CCC has made the report on the CSO contribution an on-going commitment, one which requires support and cooperation from all sections of civil society. We thank Domrei Research and Consulting Ltd., CCC team, and the respondents to the 2012 census, especially those who took the time to answer the many survey questions. In the best interests of both the CSO community and those it serves, we urge all CSO senior management and colleagues at all levels to take the time to complete our next survey and census and to work together to strengthen effectiveness of CSO community and to support and empower Cambodians to reach their potentials.




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