Civil Society Fund (CSF)

Civil Society Fund (CSF) in Cambodia, a unique and distinct type of civil society fund, is a platform initiated by CCC and will be managed by a unit of CCC with the strategic support of the Steering Committee. CSF represents a long term and strategic commitment for potential and sustained resources could be extracted. It will promote cost effectiveness, better outcome, bigger impacts and sustainability which can be a good role model for persuading donors (cooperates, foundations, institutional donors, and other donors) to directly fund CSF.

Overall aim

CSF is to mobilize and manage diverse resources including funds within Cambodia and beyond in order to sustain CSOs and their operations in Cambodia.

Key Strategies and Key Interventions

Governance Structure and Flow of CSF


Steering Committee Members of Civil Society Fund (SC-CSF)

  1. Mr. Choub Sok Chamreun, CCC Excom member & Executive Director of KHANA.
  2. Mr. Chhang Yuk, Executive Director of DCCam.
  3. Dr. Eang Soktheara, Founder of Picnic Resort.
  4. Mr. Thorn Vandong, Executive Director of BSDA.
  5. Mr. Tim Vora, Executive Director of HACC.
  6. Ms. Chet Charya, Executive Director of Star Kampuchea.
  7. Ms. Nhean Phuongmaly, Executive Director of Rachna Satrei.
  8. Mr. Ou Ritthy, Freelance Consultant.
Event Calendar
31 May 2024, Online Leader Workshop
07 Jun 2024, Awareness Raising Workshop on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
24 Jun 2024, LFR Training course 2