Agency Contact Listing, October 2009

The Co-operation Committee for Cambodia is pleased to share the latest edition of the Agency Contact Listing 2009. The Agency Contact Listing remains one of the most useful publications for facilitating and promoting the exchange of information amongst NGOs and the development community in Cambodia.

The Agency Contact Listing 2009 features organization contact and staff details for 645 organizations working in development in Cambodia. The organizations are divided into 5 types and presented alphabetically.

The Agency Contact Listing is distributed free of charge to CCC Members and a selected target audience. This publication is made possible through the support and contributions of the CCC Member organizations.

I would like to thank everyone who has provided information for this publication and CCC staff for their team effort to update this publication. We appreciate any assistance in identifying new or updated information on agencies for this publication as we try to include as many agencies as possible. Please send us any changes in agency contact details via email so we may regularly update our NGO database and the NGO Search Page.

Finally, please note that some agencies have requested not to be listed in this publication. In addition, some organization’s data could be fully verified as CCC could not contact them for validation so they have been omitted. Although, at CCC, we have attempted our best to ensure accurate data compilation, it is humanly possible that unintentional omissions or errors may have incurred during the data entry process.




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