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ក្រុមអ្នកស្រាវជ្រាវកម្ពុជាដើម្បីអភិវឌ្ឍន៍ ( N/A )

Cambodian Researchers for Development (CRD)

Type : Local NGOs

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Phone Number : 016 857 925

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Province : Phnom Penh

District : Mean Chey

Commune : Stueng Meanchey

Village : Ou Thum


CRD is a local and non-governmental organization working as an institute for development, research, and training services. The organization is a strong field-orientation and born in the NGO community. It works closely with other non-governmental organizations, government departments and UN agencies to increase the capacity of Cambodians. The organization also achieves its work by providing many training courses, social research services, and helping community development. Wherever possible, cooperation is sought with organizations and agencies to implement the activities.


April 1994 a group of Cambodians led by a Dutch Anthropologist started with a research project to study the situation of children in one province in Cambodia commissioned by Save the Children Fund (UK). Soon, other NGOs requested study services from this group. November 1994 the group was tasked with the organization and coordination of a large research project funded by UNICEF, Dutch government, The Asia Foundation and UNFPA. This project Cambodian Women in Socio-Economic Transition was the first of its kind in Cambodia and brought together different sections of the society, such as the Secretariat for Women’s Affairs, local NGOs and Cambodian social research. Besides the coordination of this project the group was requested to conduct training sessions, project evaluations and feasibility studies. This evidenced the need for an Organization able to organize and implement social research and to provide adequate methodological training. With the support of reputable NGOs and UN agencies a research organisation was founded on 1 January 1995 called “krom sraaiw chriuw Kampuchea dambai a’k pi wat’’or Cambodian Researchers for Development. The Cambodian staff chose the rabbit to symbolise the search for the truth; in Cambodian folklore the rabbit is the adviser to the King in matters of conflict.




CRD has worked with all levels in the society. Its goal is aimed to increase the capacity of Cambodians for the country development and to fight against poverty with four objectives: 1) conduct socio-economic researches, 2) offer training courses for community development and management, including data collection methods, 3) carry community project intervention, and 4) increase the capacity of its staff.


CRD wishes to see Cambodians with high capacity working in community development.