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Healthcare Center for Children (HCC)

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Phone Number : 023 212 133/012 592 216

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Province : Phnom Penh

District : Boeng Tumpun

Commune : Tuol Tumpung Pir

Village : Ou Thum


Healthcare Centre for Children (HCC) is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious, and Local Cambodian Non Government Organization that works to protect the rights of children and women who are victims of, or vulnerable to, trafficking, sexual abuse, or labor exploitation. HCC uses advocacy, awareness raising and the provision of direct services, including healthcare, counseling, educational support, social and economic development, technical support and training, to assist vulnerable women and children in Cambodia. HCC’s main activities are organized under the two major programs of prevention and protection, within these two programs, HCC undertakes various activities, as outlined below: Prevention Program  Formation of Community-Based and School-Based Protection Networks  Capacity Building  Awareness Raising  Income Generation  Reintegration of dropped out school children back into school  Provision of primary and reproductive healthcare education and consultation, and  HIV/AIDS prevention Protection Program  Investigation, monitoring and rescue  Provision of security and support services to victims of trafficking and sexual or labor abuse (including formal/non-formal education, vocational skill training and counseling)  Reintegration of children and young women into the community with assistance to: undertake formal schooling, find employment, or start their own business.


HCC has worked in rural Cambodia for eight years raising awareness and reducing the vulnerability of the communities most at risk of human rights violations, particularly trafficking, sexual abuse and child labor. Much of this work has involved awareness raising programs; the establishment of community and school based support and protection networks; the provision of services, training and education at the Good Day Centre; the reintegration of vulnerable and victimized girls back into the education system; the establishment of micro-credit and savings and loans groups within some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in rural Cambodia; and the provision of other practical assistance including scholarships, supply of farming equipment and the building of latrines in schools and villages. The Good Day Centre: A rehabilitation and skill development centre located in Kien Svay District, Kandal province, approximately 17km’s outside of Phnom Penh. It is a shelter where children who are victims of, or vulnerable to, trafficking, sexual abuse or labor exploitation are provided with healthcare, psychosocial counseling, formal and non formal education, vocational and life skill training, along with basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. Between 2002 and 2005, HCC was able to provide assistance to 683 girls through this centre. Of the 683, over 65% have gained employment in their village or the private sector, 19% (12-16yrs old) have had the opportunity to attend public school, and the remaining have been successfully reintegrated into their communities. Community-Based Protection Networks: HCC has worked extensively with local communities to raise awareness and reduce vulnerability to human right violations, particularly trafficking, sexual abuse and child labor. Much of this work has involved establishing Community-Based Protection Networks (CBPN’s). CBPN’s are made up of key and influential members of the local authorities and communities who receive training and support to lead community based awareness raising and protection programs. HCC has found these networks are very effective tools in raising awareness and empowering local villagers to fight together and support those who are vulnerable in their communities. Schools-Based Protection Networks: HCC also has extensive experience in raising the awareness of children and assisting the most vulnerable to continue their education. HCC understands that young people are the age group that are most at risk from many of the social problems confronting communities today and organizing child peer groups in target communities is an excellent way of raising awareness and knowledge among children and even among parents. Children generally relate to other children and to their parents new things they have learned. Child peer groups trained on awareness-raising techniques and life skills are therefore very effective in spreading information on trafficking, sexual abuse and labor exploitation. Poverty reduction programs: Alongside HCC’s awareness raising, education and support programs, HCC provides various poverty reduction strategies. Research and experience has demonstrated that the various human rights violations that HCC is working to eliminate frequently stem from poverty and therefore prevention strategies are only effective if corresponding actions on income earning or livelihood concerns are addressed. HCC has previously implemented micro-credit and savings and loans groups in the Prey Veng province and they have been very successful and have become sustainable over time. For example 56 beneficiaries who received microfinance in 2002-2004 were able to redistribute the funds to an additional 26 families and they will continue to redistribute funds as they become available.




The mission of HCC is to protect children and women’s rights though advocacy and the provision of direct services to children and young women in Cambodia with healthcare, counseling, educational support, social and economic development, technical support and training.


To improve the lives of vulnerable children and women in Cambodia by eradicating human trafficking especially sexual and labor exploitation in order to mobilize the power of humanity. We believe in a world that no longer tolerates injustice to children and women.