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ជំនួយនៃប្រជាពលរដ្ឋន័រវេស្សន៍ ( អិនភីអេ )

Norwegian People's Aid (NPA)

Type : Local NGOs

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Ccc Box : 125

Po Box : 2228

Phone Number : 023 210 383/ 023 218 197/

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Head Quarter Phone Number : +47 22 03 77 00, Telefax +47 22 20 08 70

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Head Quarter Address : Storgt 33 A, Postboks 8

Head Quarter Country : Norway


Province : Phnom Penh

District : Chamkar Mon

Commune : Oulampik

Village : Ou Thum


Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) is a Norwegian non-governmental organization with strong links to the Norwegian Labor Movement. NPA's values are summarized in the four ideas of solidarity, freedom, equality and human dignity, which imply that people regardless of their age, gender, race, religious affiliation, disability, communities and social status have equal rights for access and opportunity to build up an enduring livelihood. NPA's mission is to protect, promote and realize its vision by supporting, funding and generally facilitating the implementation of programmes, projects and other interventions conducive to the intended purpose. This implies that NPA works simultaneously at a micro level: in contact with the realities of the communities, and at a macro level: in joint coordination with other stakeholders to influence national policy and decision-making. The key working methods are networking, awareness building and mobilization, advocacy and lobbying efforts, organizational development, Internal and External competence building and system development.


NPA’s presence in Cambodia dates back to 1991 with a first observatory mission and the commencement of activities in 1992 in direct support of national clearance for the resettlement of refugees returning from Thailand. By 1996, the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, requested that NPA undertake the resettlement of thousands of these landless refugees. NPA started its mine action work in Cambodia in 1991, and has later become one of the largest and most influencial mine action organizations world-wide. In 1996, NPA launched an integrated community development program in the northwest province of Banteay Meanchey being one of the most mine/UXO affected regions in Cambodia. NPA support to demining operations combined with community development projects was aimed at the building of enduring livelihoods for refugees, internally displaced populations and landless people. The implementation of these programmes generated infrastructure building, dissemination of farming techniques and tools, health targeted programs and the promotion of Village Development Committees (VDC) to foster the use of a systematic participatory approach and instigate the sense of local governance. Seven years later, the transition was made whereby earlier activities, which have responded to an emergency phase were newly designed towards a long-term humanitarian approach to secure the resettlement of 3,500 displaced families on mine-free and demined land in close cooperation with the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC), the national demining agency, and the Ministry of Rural Development. Today, NPA in South East Asia (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand) has chosen its efforts on three priority areas, the first two of which constitute the majority of our programs: a) To strenghten civil society as the key pillar for nation-building, democracy and development, b) To assist Cambodia to eliminate the threat of landmines, cluster munitons and other unexploded ordnance (UXO). c) NPA also carries out relief work by channelling help according to a given set of criteria. While having the same long-term goals and ideological background and history, these three areas have different modi operandi, methodology and time frames. We engage in long-term partnerships with civilian organizations in order to strengthen their ability to fight to achieve democratic targets and to develop the abilities of local communities to manage changes and consolidate democratic targets. However, mine clearance and relief work are areas where we also work operationally in time-limited periods. NPA’s work also includes advocacy and lobbying towards international institutions and national authorities.




CSOs and social movements become relevant actors, produce impacts in the process of redistribution of wealth and resources, and of political reforms both at the national and at the provincial levels. National authority (CMAA) and operator (CMAC) have a better view of the problem of cluster munitions, other UXO and landmines, operate in a more efficient way, plan and prioritize for all operators, and has increased their capacity to meet Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) obligations.


To strengthen and promote people’s democratic rights, support organizations defending these rights, promote their participation and assist them in their struggle for an equitable distribution of resources. Cluster munitions, other UXO and landmines pose no obvious risk to people and are no longer an obstacle to development in Cambodia.




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