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Hagar (HAGAR)

Type : Local NGOs

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Ccc Box : 1521

Po Box : 7

Phone Number : 023 211 961/023 211 962/023 211 963

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Province : Phnom Penh

District : Chamkar Mon

Commune : Boeng Keng Kang Muoy

Village : Ou Thum


Hagar is an international Christian organization committed to the recovery and empowerment of women and children who are victims of human rights abuse; particularly domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This mission is achieved through Hagar commercial enterprises and social programs and in strategic partnerships with the private sector, governments and NGOs. Hagar entities currently operate in Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States.


Hagar was established in 1994, in response to the needs of destitute women and children living on the streets of Phnom Penh. Initially Hagar provided emergency shelter facilities and trauma counselling services, however this assistance was later extended to include vocational skills training and womens’ development training. Hagar aims to assist women and children towards greater self-sufficiency through a holistic approach of rehabilitation and development assistance, value based training, and skills development in order to equip them as productive members of society. Associated micro-enterprise projects in soya milk production, sewn handicrafts and catering were subsequently developed to provide employment opportunities for women graduating from the program. Today, Hagar’s social enterprises – HOT (Hagar On-Time), So! Soya and Hagar Catering and Facilities Management, put social concerns alongside economic opportunities for women and children in crisis. Education is a foundational value throughout all of Hagar’s projects with the aim of promoting community health, empowerment, human rights, anti-trafficking, anti-domestic violence and education for girls. Policy on Support of Local Initiative Groups Hagar seeks to work with the community, partnering local initiatives where objectives and principles are in accord with those of Hagar and its donors.




Our mission is to improve the living conditions of people at risk or with disabilities by preventing and/or reducing such situations through direct field action (through projects implemented in developing countries, projects conceived mainly as implementation of services but which cover other types of activities, as the capacity building of local associations) and advocacy action (conceived mainly as access to rights through campaigns, educational work, research and capitalisation) in order to promote the rights, dignity, fulfilment and the strengthening of the capacity of people with disabilities to act. The synergy and coherence between direct action and advocacy guarantees the legitimacy of our work and a greater impact on people with disabilities. This legitimacy, based on access to rights, does not extend as far as representing people with disabilities (we speak with and not on their behalf). We carry out our mandate whatever the context in which we intervene – crisis, post emergency or development – in a perspective of sustainable change. We will adopt different methods and means of intervention pertinent to the various contexts.


The women and children Hagar serves, enjoy a life of dignity, equipped to nurture their families, sustain employment and contribute meaningfully to communities.