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មូលនិធិជនពិការសំរាប់ការអប់រំនិងការងារ ( ម.យ.អ.ក )

Youth with Disabilities Foundation for Education and Employment (YODIFEE)

Type : Local NGOs

Gpp : Never

Sector : Disability and RehabilitationEducation

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Phone Number : 012 889 660/012 324 548

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Head Quarter Phone Number : NULL

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Province : Kandal

District : Ta Khmau

Commune : Kampong Samnanh

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YODIFEE is a local non governmental organization that was established in 2005 with the financial support from Marist Mission Centre Australia and Stichting Liliane Fonds, The Netherlands. YODIFEE aims to help disadvantage young people with physical disabilities access secondary and tertiary education, skills training that equip them with the talents and experience they need to become employable or self-employed and in time self-sufficient. It aims, further, to ensure that youth with disabilities confidently assume a place in society, aware of their rights and ready to contribute to the best of their ability


People with disabilities (PWDs) in Cambodia must overcome significant barriers in the built environment. These include access to homes and schools, rice fields and other areas of work, and centers of communication and information. These physical barriers prevent disabled people from actively participating in social and economic activities. But while obstacles in the built environment present formidable challenges to disabled people, attitudinal and social barriers are, by far, the more insidious. Discrimination against disabled people whether committed maliciously or unwittingly leads to their social exclusion. Skills training, income generation and job placement are important means of rehabilitating for PWDs. To achieve the barriers PWDs often face and also provide skills for young people with disabilities, YODIFEE has been established in 2005 by a Cambodian young man with physical disability. This project is grown out of the project of the Autralian Marist Brothers. The project is to support young people with disability go to school, gain employment, and guidance to earn a living. The program of Yodifee has a strong working connection with government departments, agencies and NGOs to collaborate in meeting the needs of people with disabilities.




To assist young person with physical disabilities accesses to Education (secondary school and tertiary) and employment, self-employment or self- sufficient.


Every young person with physical disability accesses to education (secondary school and tertiary) and employment self-employment or self- sufficient.