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Rajana Association (RAC)

Type : Association

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Phone Number : 023 993 642/012 78 93 50

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Province : Phnom Penh

District : Chamkar Mon

Commune : Tuol Tumpung Muoy

Village : Ou Thum


The 9th through 14th century Angkor period reveals the wonder of Cambodian design and creativity. Marvelous structures, exemplified by Angkor Wat, assert the culture’s devotion to quality design. Through to the 20th century, villages incorporated the creation of fine linen, pottery, jewelry, and more, maintaining valued traditions. Sadly, these art forms came under threat during the reckless destruction of the Khmer Rouge regime. Rajana’s mission seeks to resurrect the creative talent that until recently has been deserted. Rather than simply adopting purely western designs into Cambodian village workshops, Rajana identifies and takes advantage of the valuable methods and designs unique to Cambodia, and pair those methods with stylistic and modern designs. With 100 producers through Cambodia, Rajana represents a journey through the “Kingdom of Wonder,” with each product representing a different way of life and style. We believe that Cambodia has something unique to offer, and we want to share it with others. Rajana was founded in 1995 by Cambodia Action, a UK-based NGO working to relieve poverty and promote the Christian faith, and employed Cambodian young people who had been working in a Refugee Camp in Thailand. Rajana continued to develop, both as a quality retailer and supporter of sustainable livelihoods, and In 2002 Cambodia Action and Rajana cooperatively sought to reshape Rajana as an independent Cambodian run non-profit social enterprise. In 2003 the Cambodian Government granted Rajana the right to be a “local association,” completely Cambodian-run and independent of Cambodia Action. Since that time Rajana has expanded its retail presence into Siem Reap, vastly developed its product line, and moved beyond the “small business barriers” to become a significant producer, retailer, and exporter of fair-trade crafts.


Rajana is proud to be a Cambodian-run social enterprise working hand-in-hand with Cambodian artisans living throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. With a main-office in Cambodia’s capital, we partner with 100 home-based producing families through a fair business relationship that strives to equally value the rural producers and the office managers. Allowing producers to work from their own homes, Rajana ensures that people can earn a living while caring for their families. Rajana sees our producing partners as people, not just the means to a profit. Some of our producers have been producing for Rajana Association for ten years or more, and are happy to say that their lives have improved financially. Now, families are able to send their children to school, have enough food for the family, and able to purchase motobikes for transportation. Separate from pay and worker treatment, Rajana puts special value on Cambodian culture and tradition. Artisans are encouraged to apply the stories they learned as a child to their designs, allowing artisans to pass their own culture to other generations as well as communities from all across the globe. Our artisans design their products to fit international lifestyles, while still offering a true glimpse of their own lives. Not only creating job opportunities, Rajana provides export buyers with a standard of professionalism and credibility that is not easily matched. Rajana has dedicated staff overseeing international sales and has strong relationships with international shipping companies. Rajana is registered with the Cambodian government as a local association, a non-profit group owned by its members. Rajana Crafts seeks to create valuable products that are a true reflection of our people’s culture, while advancing the skills and lives of artisans.


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