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Cambodian Organization for Research Development and Education (CORDE)

Type : Local NGOs

Gpp : Never

Sector : Education

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Phone Number : 053 730 528/012 935 416

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Province : Battambang

District : Battambang

Commune : Rotanak

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CORDE is a private, non-profit, and non-political voluntary development organization involved in the process of social and economic transformation and of upraising the quality of human life and well-being of individuals, families and communities, upholding the principles of human honour and dignity through the provision of viable and sustainable projects that will enhance their capacities and capabilities, thereby increasing the level of participation resulting in empowerment for a long-term sustained impact.


The Cambodian Organization for Research, Development and Education (CORDE) was initiated in 1994 as " a private, non-profit, and non-political voluntary development organization to facilitate social transformation of communities in Cambodia through transformation of individuals. CORDE's stated aim was to assist Cambodia evolve into a creative, productive and confident society. CORDE was registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Community Development and became the first local NGO to be registered with the Ministry of Health. In its initial years, CORDE's activities were largely focused on promoting oral and dental health education for children, drawing on the resources of three of its founding members. However, as it increases in its learning and capacity, it was able to meet the demand for informal and supplementary education. CORDE introduced in 1995 a Literacy and Empowerment Program for children and junior youth ( adolescent and early teens ) and the project was called “Hope for the Heart”. The program seeks to provide not only reading and writing skills but incorporates character development as the foundations for a general rebuilding of society. The curriculum is inspired by the moral Teachings of the world’s great Religions which offers a basic framework for material and spiritual development of the community. The Hope for the Heart program set to reach thousands of children and junior youths throughout Cambodia equips young people as they grow with the power of expression and thought that will enable them to engage in meaningful social action. Thus it endows these young people with the capabilities needed to effectively use ‘words’ as an instrument for their own transformation and contribute to the transformation of their own community. The program is held in tutorial classes as well as CORDE Centers of Learning , established in partnership with the authorities and inhabitants of the village. These Centres also provide education, agriculture, primary community health education for youths and adults and engages them in participatory processes to determine the path of development in their own social spaces.




To provide Literacy and Empowerment program that incorporated character development for children and junior youths to transform them personally and engage them in social action for the transformation of the community.


To transform Cambodia into a creative, productive and confident society through individual transformation.



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