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Ptea Teuk Dong (PTD)

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Po Box : 347 Battambang

Phone Number : 053 636 6788/ 012 963 016/ 077 552 221

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Head Quarter Country : Cambodia


Province : Battambang

District : Battambang

Commune : Chamkar Samraong

Village : Chamkar Samraong Muoy


PTD started with a small group of families who returned to Cambodia after the civil war. These families had returned to Battambang from refugee camps in Thailand to discover that they were without land, a home and work. Many children in these families spent their days begging in the streets to provide an income for their families.

In 1994 a Spanish consultant who worked in Battambang partnered with a Cambodian team and founded the PTD center. Its main purpose was to provide a safe environment where the children of street families could grow and learn while providing training for the adults with the expectation of reintegrating these families back into the community. The center also seeks to provide safe environments and restore the dignity of women who were victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.
The program provided shelter for all the members of the street families for one year. During this time families received vocational skills training, primary health care, safe accommodation, essential life skills, food and education for the children.


Ptea Teuk Dong is known throughout Battambang by the acronym PTD, but the Khmer words Ptea Teuk Dong are very important as they translate into English as House Water Coconut.

PTD was named for the healing properties of coconut water which have long been revered by the Cambodian people. The name still aptly portrays PTD which begun in 1994 as a safe haven for street families and very vulnerable girls and women who were rescued from truly horrific circumstances and nurtured on its premises. These people were also educated and empowered. PTD is inspiring Cambodian people to be proactive in building a brighter future for themselves and their community.

PTD's original goal, all of these years later, remains the same - to improve the quality of life of the poor.


  • Authenticity and transparency in all areas of the organization
  • Systems of belief - staff, residents, and students take delight in celebrating each other’s festivals and special occasions.
  • Treated equally and with dignity to people from all background
  • The difference is respected at PTD, justice, and equity prevail. PTD models the generosity of spirit that is synonymous with the Cambodian people and of PTD’s volunteers alike.


PTD's mission is to use our skills, knowledge, human and physical resources to work with local our community, partners and donors to deliver high-quality services and support to help local people of all ages to become better educated, healthier and more prosperous.


PTD's vision is to be an integral part of our local community in Battambang, Cambodia. A community that is educated, healthy and prosperous and where disadvantaged members are protected, cared for and empowered.


The original goal of PTD was to improve the quality of life of the poor and restore the dignity of the street families and girls subjected to sexual abuse and domestic violence. The ultimate goal is that they be reintegrated into the community.

Project Summary

  1. Education
  2. Empowerment and Development
  3. Social Enterprise


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Mr.TityarithBUNMaleExecutive Director077 55
Mr.PichYanMaleSchool Principal & NGO Operations Manager


Project NameSectorStart DateComplete DateStatus Name
AAdvocacy and Policy Dialogue2017-11-152017-12-31On-going
BAAdvocacy and Policy Dialogue2017-12-012017-12-31On-going
CAAdvocacy and Policy Dialogue2017-11-012017-11-30On-going