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Hands of Hope Community (HHC)

Type : Local NGOs

Gpp : Never

Sector : Child Welfare and RightsDisability and RehabilitationFood Security and NutritionEducationHealth

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Province : Kandal

District : Ta Khmau

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Chan Sarin has been serving the Body of Christ in various roles with international organizations and churches for more than 14 years in the areas of church planting, child-focused development, and leadership training. Particularly Sarin used to work for Hagar international as the House of Smiles Program Manager for 10 years to develop children with special needs. Sarin was formerly the House of Smiles founder who has raised half a million dollars to build the child residential care from 2004-2010. This resulted in appropriate building accessibility for children with disabilities.
Recently, our hearts have been burdened to see the great needs of children with disabilities, particularly children with special needs such as mental retardation, autism, down syndrome and intellectual disabilities in Cambodia whose lives have been shattered by various problems including discrimination, abuse and child labor...
Our hearts were so broken to see these people who are living under the spiritual bondage in the dark world as we’re faithfully ministering to these marginalized children.
My daughters and I received the word of God to start a new ministry called “Hands of Hope Community” to respond to the needs of these children and parents. We prayed and decided to walk by our faith and accept that the Lord has called us to serve these disabled children and their parents.
At this stage, we’re fervently praying for the financial support needed from various donors, so that we can plant a daycare for these children who are isolated from the communities, providing them with food, special education, health care, vocational skill training and income generation of projects to support these children and parents.
We continued to put our trust in the Lord that he will perform his provisions to support the day-to-day basis of the ministry. Our hearts and vision are so big for the people of Cambodia that we want to see that Cambodia is transformed holistically.
Our statement of commitment is that every single person has great potential to touch at least one thousand lives over their lifetime for the Kingdom of God...
We strongly ask you to believe with us, pray with us, support us or volunteer your time with us to make it possible for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The first stage began on July 7th 2010, when we created the home based care program within the community. This meant that the staff would reach out to the community and spend more time with the disabled children, working directly their families at home, advising them on things such as designing physical therapy programs, and teaching things such as life skills, awareness, literacy, special education, child participation, team building to integrate them with the non-disabled children within the community. This created a recreational program directly in their homes, as a result developing and strengthening the relationship between parent and child. From this, we hoped that the children would gain more confidence and more self-reliance for the future, and that the parents could have an opportunity to learn from our actions and learn how to help their children further. We dreamed that soon we would have a Community Day-Care Center to provide disabled children with special education, conducting activities that encourage emotional and physical development.
It was quite difficult throughout the years as there were many issues we had to face, such as the poor condition of the children’s homes, as they were not suitable for disabled children to grow up in. We decided that the rights of the child should be our central focus, with emphasis on integrating the children with the community, allowing them to attend both day care and regular school with non-disabled children. The project focuses on supporting disabled children and integrating them within the local community. In collaboration with local experts and authorities, knowledge will be spread throughout the community thanks to innovative ideas with an emphasis on inclusive education to support children with disabilities in the community
We prayed again and again asking for God’s provision and prayed to God to help us overcome our obstacles. Finally God responded to our prayers that our project could be started, and since December 12th, 2012, 30 disabled children have been able to access our services at the Day Care of Love.


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  2. Stewardship
  3. Servant-hood


HHC is a Christian organization that promotes and protects the rights of children and youth with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism, empowers families and communities and engages government to be more responsive. 


Cambodian society where Children and youths with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism have their rights respected.