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Marist Solidarity Cambodia (MSC)

Type : International NGOs

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Sector : Education and Training

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Director/Country director : Br Tony Burrows

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Po Box : 1817 Takhmao, Kandal Province

Phone Number : 077966468

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Province : Kandal

District : Ta Khmau

Commune : Kampong Samnanh

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Marist Solidarity Cambodia (MSC) is a non-government organization and an integral part of the mission of the Marist Brothers. MSC educates and trains young Cambodians with disabilities,provides referral services for their rehabilitation and further training, advocates for them and seeks to empower them. MSC looks for opportunities to collaborate with all other stakeholders to adapt and replicate our project activities throughout Cambodia. All of MSC’s projects are intended to facilitate or provide formal and informal education programmes which, in conjunction with MOEYS or with their approval, will assist children and youth with disabilities towards self-sustaining employment. 1 Children and Youth with Disabilities and their families MSC’s primary beneficiaries are children and young people with physical disabilities throughout Cambodia. Among them – those who cannot access rehabilitation; those aged between 10 and 17 eligible for support to attend government schools and vocational training centres; those aged 11 to 17 for whom LaValla School is an option and those aged between 18 and 35 eligible for tertiary education and employment. MSC wants also to provide livelihood support for poor parents. 2 Government, civil servants and social services The national strategy for the prevention of disability and for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities requires an approach to service delivery that is integrated, participatory and decentralized. Several ministries share responsibility for addressing issues to do with disability: the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MOSVY), the Ministry of Education, Youths and Sports (MOEYS), and the Ministry of Health. Initiatives occur at National, Provincial and local levels and MSC seeks to collaborate at all levels advocacy work with national and provincial bodies; in policy monitoring at the national level; in program implementation, with other institutions and local authorities. 3 Disabled People’s Organisations, other NGOs and Vocational Training Centres MSC is part of the Cambodian network of organizations whose focus is people with disabilities. The network includes the Disability Action Council (DAC), the Cambodian Disabled persons organization (CDPO), the National Centre for Disabled persons (NCDP), Action on Disability and Development (ADD) and the Association of the Blind in Cambodia, (ABC). All are Phnom Penh based, some have District branches. Handicap International, Veterans International and World Vision contribute significantly to the work of the Disability Sector. MSC collaborates with other NGOs that are service providers. Komar Pika Foundation provides a day care and educational centre at MSC’s farm in Kampot. For vocational training MSC collaborates with the Jesuit Training Center, Banteay Priep.


Marist Solidarity Cambodia (MSC) was formed from the merger of Marist Mission Australia, (MMA) and Youth with Disabilities Foundation for Education and Employment, (Yodifee). In 1998 the Marist Brothers from the Province of Sydney Australia, together with members of staff, Cambodian and foreign, established LaValla School, an elementary school for young Cambodians with physical disabilities. The commitment made in 1998 to help young, physically handicapped Cambodians go as far as possible with their formal schooling meant that members of the first group to complete their elementary schooling at LaValla looked to the school for further assistance. For a period of time LaValla and some staff provided accommodation for ex-students beginning high school. In 2002 Yodifee, (Youth with Disabilities Foundation for Education and Employment) was established with the assistance of the Marist Fathers of Australia. Its purpose was to support young Cambodians with physical disabilities as they accessed secondary and tertiary education or sought opportunities for skills training. Further, Yodifee was committed to helping those young people to find employment or to establish themselves independently in small businesses. In 2005 again with the assistance of the Australian Marist Fathers, Villa Maria was built, and LaValla and Yodifee separated to operate independently yet collaboratively. In 2010 LaValla School and Yodifee began the process of amalgamation to become Marist Solidarity Cambodia. Now, in 2013, Marist Solidarity Cambodia encompassing LaValla School, Villa Maria and all of the projects initiated by Yodifee, operates under the aegis of Australian Marist Solidarity and is governed locally by its own Board of Directors. At present, MSC successfully carries out three substantial projects: -LaValla School project -Schooling Assistance sponsorship, -Employment Assistance and guidance


Marist Solidarity Cambodia aims to exemplify and foster in the young Cambodians it cares for these values: Presence - being with our students, often and with attention and care; Dignity - an outcome of education and care that enhances efforts to secure employment and self-reliance; Honour - that characterizes interactions and inculcates a strong sense of self-worth; Solidarity - in which trusting relationships and a common purpose lead to a shared sense of accomplishment; Justice - valued and evident in all MSC activities and interactions of children and youth with disabilities, staff and other stakeholders.


Marist Solidarity Cambodia engages in humanitarian activities for social and educational development and the public benefit.


Marist Solidarity Cambodia wants to be an inclusive community in solidarity with children and youth with disabilities where concern for human development makes care, education and training its highest priorities.


Marist Solidarity Cambodia aims to help young, physically handicapped Cambodians acquire the knowledge, skills, moral sense and equanimity that will allow them to earn their living, gain social acceptance and live with dignity.