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មាតុភូមិកុមារ ( ម.ភ.ក )

Homeland (Meatho)

Type : Local NGOs

Gpp : Never

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Phone Number : 053 952 911

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Province : Battambang

District : Battambang

Commune : Sla Kaet

Village : Ou Thum


Organization’s description Name of organization in Khmer characteristic read as “MEAHTO PHUM KO’MAH ¨ and in English abbreviation read as MPK


Background/History: * Homeland is a non-profit local organization; working with vulnerable children, especially the street children, trafficking children, children orphaned from parents demised by HIV/AIDS and children from other at risk groups. Homeland has been established, registered with the Ministry of Interior and officially recognized and start it operational since 1997. Homeland is leading and managing by the three founder ladies, they play a major role in communication with national and international sources to find the fund for supporting the activities of Homeland with specific strategy to be carried out for more than ten year until now.


Value:* Homeland established itself on the understanding that it would be guided primarily by the principals of the reunification of children and families and the provision of a base for outreach to strengthen families particularly those that are vulnerable or at risk. In performing its mission, the following values will guide the decisions and actions of Homeland.


Mission: * To work sustainably and in partnership with the community to improve the standard of living and well being of vulnerable children and families in Cambodia and to facilitate family reunification wherever possible whilst at all times upholding the best interest of the child.


Vision: * Cambodian children living with hope in a happy, loving, understanding and non discriminatory environment which supports the full and harmonious development of children and in which families and care givers have access to the support and resources they need to nurture and care for children.


Goal: * To achieve our mission and to address the identified strategic directions Homeland has adopted the following strategic goals.