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Non-Timber Forest Products Organization (NTFP)

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Phone Number : 075 974 039/ 012 359 402

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Province : Ratanakiri

District : Krong Ban Lung

Commune : Sangkat Labansiek

Village : Ou Thum




Non-Timber Forest Products, NTFP, is a local Non-Government Organisation based in Ratanakiri Province, NE Cambodia. Since we were established in 1996 we have played a critical role in helping indigenous people secure their rights to their land and natural resources. We also recognise the vital importance of preserving the cultural heritage of indigenous people, often inextricably linked with their lands and forests. NTFP was registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Royal Government of Kingdom of Cambodia in May 18th, 2007. Effective engagement with indigenous communities, developed over a considerable time, is now a particular strength of NTFP. We target rural indigenous ethnic minority villages which do not have other organizations to support them on NRM and who, because their different culture and practices, different social institutions, beliefs and values, are not understood by outsiders. These communities are currently not able to defend their interests for themselves because they cannot speak the administrative language, Khmer, and they lack the technical skills and technology to support their claims. They are not empowered to stand up for their rights because they do not know what their rights are. They are also not aware of the legal instruments enacted by the country and need help to include their concerns in the formulation of legal instruments.


1. NTFP works through traditional leadership structures while setting standards (quality and quantity) for female participation in all committees and activities. 2. NTFP emphasizes a participatory approach, in which the communities are enabled to choose the direction of development that is appropriate for them. 3. NTFP supports community members to speak for their rights, while creating the space for them to do so. 4. The use of indigenous languages is encouraged. Indigenous staff including females are encouraged and supported to work for the organization to facilitate communication with community organizations in the local language. 5. Gender mainstreaming for all sectors in each stage of the project cycle is encouraged. 6. Respect for traditional authority, beliefs, values, ideas, property, language and rights of indigenous communities, both men and women, are promoted. 7. NTFP seeks to actively link its activities with different government agencies and develop partnerships with other NGOs/IOs. 8. NTFP staff are expected to be accountable to the beneficiaries, donors and NTFP organization. 8. NTFP does not discriminate between indigenous, Khmer or foreign immigrants, seeing them as equal under Cambodian law and treating all equally in carrying out its work. 9. NTFP adopts a participatory and democratic principle in promoting the rights of expression by its staff and others. It is an equal opportunities employer and encourages staff development, openness and transparency in its dealings.


To promote indigenous communities, both women and men, to effectively and equitably participate in decision making allowing them to choose their own future, especially to assure their rights in sustainably managing, using and developing their land and natural resources that are the basis of their livelihoods and for conserving their culture.


Indigenous peoples in Cambodia exercise their rights and effectively participate in the development of national society; using and managing their land and natural resources toward improving their families’ economic well being and maintaining their cultural identity.


1. The communities’ land and Forest were retained. 2. The IP’s communities’ better livelihood and food security.

Project Summary

- Community Development and Education Programme - Land and Resources Program - Advocacy Program


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