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អង្គការមរតក ( )

Morodok Organization (MORODOK)

Type : Local NGOs

Gpp : Expire

Sector : Community Development

Contact Information

Director/Country director : Mr. Oung Tivea

Ccc Box :

Po Box : 604 (c/o AFSC, Phnom Penh)

Phone Number : 035 940 740/ 012 557 583

Email Address :


Head Quarter Phone Number :

Head Quarter Website :

Head Quarter Email :

Head Quarter Address :

Head Quarter Country : Cambodia


Province : Koh Kong

District : Srae Ambel

Commune : Srae Ambel

Village : Srae Ambel


AFSC began its Integrated Sustainable Livelihoods Program (ISLP) in Cambodia in 1997. From its commencement, the ISLP provided a full range of services to a remote and insecure area, including agriculture, credit, health and educational programs. In 2001, the ISLP narrowed its focus to concentrate on helping communities manage and protect their natural resources and improve their livelihood options. In April 2011, the AFSC registered ISLP program with Ministry of Interior (MoI) as a local NGO under the name “Morodok” that continues to work in the Kampong Som Bay region, encouraging community groups to assert their rights over the use of natural resources and livelihood improvement. Morodok’s program focused on peace building, conflict resolution, community solidarity, improving livelihoods and promoting community participation on natural resource and environmental management(NREM).


Morodok is a Khmer word that translates to ‘heritage’, ‘inheritance’ or ‘legacy’. The MORODOK has a logo which is meaning and characterized as following: • The Logo of MORODOK organization presents in Cycle form, in which at the center of the Cycle there is one Golden Box in rectangular from below the Khmer Word “MORODOK”, and followed by Latin characters “MORODOK” in small font size in front of the Golden Box. • Below the Golden Box, there are two hands in positioning upholding the Golden Box. And all the pictures is positioned at the center of the Cycle surface in white color, which surrounded by a thick cycle line in light blue color (UN flag color). • Along with the thick cycle line, there are four Khmer wordings spaced out rounding from one after the other follow the clock direction. Those words are: Meakear, Reakchamroeun, Domlapheap and Kerdomnel. Content of Logo • Golden Box consists of some valuable thing inside, such as experience, skills, knowledge, methods, strategy, etc, which is represent inheritance. • The two hands in positioning upholding the Golden box represent the Khmer local staff who working as a team for the Integrated Sustainable Livelihood Program (ISLP), receiving inheritance. • The white cycle surface at the background of the pictures, represent freshness and harmonization. • The thick cycle line with light blue color, represent peace and full participation with ownership. • Regarding the four Khmer words: Meakear, Reakchamroeun, Domlapheap and Kerdomnel, have been derived from the word MORODOK. These wording have been formulated as a Khmer statement called “Meakea tovkann Pheap Reakchamroeun prokopdauy Domlapheap delchea Kedomnel”, it means ways towards progress with transparency for inheritance to next generation”. This means we work to improve people’s livelihoods so it can be passed on to the next generation.


The MORODOK organization believes: • Transparency and accountability create trust amongst staff and stakeholders and lead to strong organizational management. • Capacity development enables organization and communities to respond to the changing needs and sustainability. • Improved communities’ livelihood resulted from good collaboration between relevant actors. • Ownership encourages responsibility and leads to effectiveness and efficiency of the performance. • Participation, initiatives and gender equity enable us to mobilize all possible resources for sustainable development


The MORODOK organization has mission to improve living conditions, strengthen solidarity and create ownership for the poor people in the coastal communities of Cambodia through building their capacity, supporting their initiatives and facilitating dialogue between relevant actors.


The MORODOK organization envisions Peaceful rural communities in Cambodia where people have equal rights and opportunity to manage and utilize natural resources in a sustainable fashion for the improvement of their quality of life


Community groups around Kampong Som Bay work cooperatively in effective networks, actively participate in local democratization and governance processes, and obtain government cooperation to improve their livelihoods and management of natural resource.