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Partners for Health and Development (P-FHAD)

Type : Local NGOs

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Phone Number : 012 366 075

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Province : Kampong Thom

District : Kampong Svay

Commune : Trapeang Ruessei

Village : Ou Thum


Local Non-Government Organization


Partner for Health and Development (PFHAD) is a non-governmental agency formed to work for the poorest of the poor communities in Cambodia with a special focus for the remote provinces of Cambodia. The strengths of the organization is that, it has a lean organizational structure to maximize financial resources and make value for ones time, effort and money. PFHAD is made up of a core group of committed persons with multi-disciplinary experiences and are well versed with health and developmental issues facing Cambodia in a changing world scenario. PFHAD will hire additional staff on need basis and will fully take advantage of the many resources available in Cambodia rather than duplicate work.


1. Respect for dignity 2. Respect for people’s capability to solve the problem 3. Bias for the poor and marginalized 4. National wisdom and culture 5. Fairness and justice 6. Holistic 7. Respect for basic rights 8. Self –Reliance 9. Non Partisanship 10. Facilitating roles 11. Non discriminatory 12. Long Term solution 13. Quality 14. Accountability 15. Provide relief in emergencies to alleviate immediate suffering. 16. Engage in the community Development interventions to build the capacity for self help action (Self –Reliance) 17. Advocacy to change the policies in support of more just and sustainable development outcomes. 18. Facilitate broad based people’s movement driven by social vision aligning with the national exiting structure, policies and guideline.


The mission is developed aligned with the national existing structure, policies and guidelines and based on our experience in the field. PFHAD firmly believes in playing a facilitating role at all levels, in building up partnerships through, cooperation and consultation, in developing good work nets (networking) to make meaningful connections in the area of advocacy to promote health and developmental issues, and needs of the communities like marketing, health care and other services etc, and a sound execution plan from the start that take into account self sustainability of the program from initiation to completion where the communities, patients and volunteers are able to carry forward their lives independently. Ø Facilitate the design and implementation of the workable models for community based target area management. Ø Develop and implement wide–ranging livelihood and health system appropriate to target area. Ø Ensure the qualified communities enjoy the secure tenure Ø Provide programmatic, comprehensive and responsive capacity building to related government health staff and department and community based representatives such as village health support group VHSG and DOTS watcher for self-reliance and management. Ø Provide strong public and external support for the target areas Ø Develop sustainable financing mechanism to ensure the continuous implementation of the target area program.


We envision the target areas to be sustainably managed by empowering the local communities, patients, volunteers and indigenous people with firm tenure over the resources whose men and women ensure the conservation of the biodiversity, prevent human-caused species extinction, engage in constructive livelihood practices and health care and other services with support from the government and the public, which has internalized conservation values, respects cultural integrity and strive for positive developments in all spheres of life where the communities are able to define and realize their developmental goals through a fully functional civil society with respect for the earths resources and life systems. PFHAD also seeks this as an opportunity to build itself as a fine institution serving the poor in partnership with as many different players and government ministries through mutual self respect and care to nurture self sustaining programmes that are cost effective, environmental friendly, socially and culturally uplifting and challenging in the context of contributing and throwing new light on health and development issues.


The general objectives are designed to have a multi-pronged approach in soliciting the active participation of all the partners (beneficiaries, government, other agencies, NGO’s etc). Building up their capacities in the area of program issues (program cyc