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ពន្លឺអភិវឌ្ឍន៍ ( អ.ព.អ )

Angkar Ponleu Akphiwat (APA)

Type : Local NGOs

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Phone Number : 012 86 9412/088 666 6025

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Province : Kampong Thom

District : Kampong Svay

Commune : Trapeang Ruessei

Village : Ou Thum


APA is a local Buddhist non-governmental organization that operates to promote peace and freedom, build capacities of communities, and improve living conditions of poor and vulnerable people.


Angkar Ponleu Akphiwat (APA), which was previously known as Angkar Trortrang Putikak Seksa, was founded with the participation and support of district chief monk, 21 chief monks, priests, committees and officials of the district department of cult, Kompong Thom Provincial Department of Cult and Religion, village and commune authorities, and some non-governmental organizations in Kompong Thom province, on September 31, 1999. At that time, APA had 8 staff including 4 monks and had 5 target villages in Kompong Svay commune, Kompong Svay district, Kompong Thom province. APA has the project to train 16 monks in In Komar pagoda and has credit schemes in three villages (In Komar, O’sala and Kompong Svay villages in Kompong Svay commune). Funds are provided by four pagodas. To better fit with the vision of the organization that focuses more on development than Buddhist teaching, the organization changed its name to Angkar Ponleu Akphiwat in 2001. On March 25, 2002, the organization was recognized by the Ministry of Interior. At present, APA has 4 staff (director is a monk) and has 5 target villages in Kompong Svay commune, Kompong Svay district, Kompong Thom province. APA has enlarged target area to 2 other villages in 2004 and has recruited three more women staff. APA target groups who are direct beneficiaries are 1,516 families and indirect beneficiaries are 732 families. APA has received funds for small scale projects from CWS and GTZ for staff capacity building through study visits and from self-help groups. Four such groups have been formed. Moreover, APA has received support for capacities building through participation in trainings conducted by CWS/KPT and VBNK, supported by CWS. APA has received partnership support from CWS/KPT since October 2001. Activities of APA in the past 3 years include formation of 22 self-help groups, 12 - cow raising project, 2- female pig raising, training on supplementary food crops and compost making in 7 villages, four rice bank groups, health education on HIV/AIDS and birth spacing, domestic violence and leadership. APA has also trained committees on registration, record making, report writing, conflict resolution, and organization of study visits. APA Statement APA is a local Buddhist, non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization. APA implements integrated community development and advocacy projects to address the needs of poor and vulnerable people in districts in Kompong Thom province.


APA works with poor and vulnerable people to build their capacities, improve their skills in managing projects, increase food security and welfare; provide emergency relief and enable people in target villages to participate in providing input for settling problems in their areas and engage in sustainable social development.


People in Kompong Thom province live in a society full of peace, freedom, where their basic needs are fulfilled.


Communities especially women and children legally live in dignity and healthy living condition with their rights been respected as citizenship, participate in the process of decision making for the development of their community, protecting their environm